A Weekend Getaway in Mont-Tremblant

With no special plans for the weekend and the convenience of hopping on a Porter plane right from downtown Toronto, the opportunity to visit Mont-Tremblant seemed like a no-brainer. I packed my bags (along with some serious layers) and decided to leave the busy streets of Toronto for a well-deserved weekend with a friend.

When we landed, the complimentary airport shuttle was waiting, ready to take us to the Fairmont Tremblant. With the hotel conveniently located in the heart of the Pedestrian Village, you can easily access the local boutiques and cafés just steps away. With a fun-packed weekend ahead we settled in to our room, set our alarms for the next day’s adventures and unplugged from our worries and stress.

Weekend spent in Mont-Tremblant

The next day, we woke up early and wandered down for a quick bite at the hotel’s main restaurant. As we enter, the aroma of freshly-baked pastries fill the air.  We stroll through the tower of pastries, find our seats and eat our way through the soft and fluffy scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, granola and, of course, a side of French toast.

With enough fuel for the whole day, we walk over to the Activity Centre and meet our snowshoe excursion guide. His advice on how to snowshoe? If you can walk, then you can snowshoe!  

Snow shoes

We headed off to the base of the ski hill, which is just across from the hotel – this would be our starting point with the group. Our guide led the way as we followed closely behind. After an hour of venturing through fresh powder, we stopped under a few towering trees to set mats down and to build a fire. This was our a chance to warm up, catch our breath and indulge in some delicious s’mores that our guide so thoughtfully brought along.  After warming up, we were off again to explore the landscape and admire the beauty of our surroundings. The air was crisp, and walking through the forest with no sound other than a woodpecker drumming on a tree was calming and incredibly peaceful.

Snowshoeing through the trails

We make it back to the centre in time for a quick snack in one of the Village’s cafés before we were off to the next adventure – dog sledding! It’s a short five-minute drive to the dogsled base where we meet the pack of huskies that would be taking us on this adventure.

Dog Sledding

With two people per sled and a team of six to eight huskies, we dash through the snowy trails at high speeds. The experience proves to be both exhilarating and relaxing as we enjoyed spectacular views while the enthusiastic huskies pulled us through the trails and valleys. On the way back, we take turns with the guide and experience the energy of driving. 

We were ready for a beauty treatment at the modern and sophisticated Moment Spa! With the dry conditions of winter, I was particularly excited to treat my skin to a facial.

While waiting for our treatments, we felt the experience of the spa almost immediately as we warmed our bodies by the fire and sipped on hot teas.  In only a few minutes, the esthetician led me to a dimly-lit room. For an entire hour, my face was treated to soothing oils and massages that left my skin feeling rejuvenated and glowing.

We shower, get dressed and head to O Wok – a Thai and Chinese restaurant located in the Village. We both order delicious dishes and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant in preparation for the next day’s activities.  

We rise up early and, after another delicious breakfast at the hotel, our taxi is waiting to take us to the Scandinave Spa for a morning of relaxation.

Scandinave Spa

The tranquillity of the space is evident as we enter. With a strong no-phone and no-loud speaking policy while on the grounds, I can see how this is the place to truly disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself and nature. I begin with the hydrotherapy cycles, taking my time in the hot tub then quickly dipping into the cold water to shut the pores tight. 

I complete two full cycles before my massage appointment. After 60 minutes of deep pressure and gliding strokes with essential oils, my muscles felt relaxed and revitalized.

After our morning at the spa, we’re ready for some cross-country skiing through Domaine St-Bernard. This low-impact activity is easy to learn and the centre carries everything you need to get on the trails. We set off with our guide, who shows us around. I notice that the trails are marked with tracks – perfect for people who want to go at it alone. After an hour on the trail, a snowstorm starts to pick up and we can definitely feel the chilling wind on our faces. It was time to head back.

Cross Country Skis

Cross Country Ski

Back in the hotel, we couldn’t think of a better plan than to soothe our muscles with a relaxing soak in the outdoor hot tubs. Feeling relaxed and energized, dinner at the Axe was our last stop of the day.  This chic and casual lounge bar is the perfect après-ski destination to enjoy bites, drinks, and good conversation.

Dinner at Axe

Dessert at Axe

Our final morning came all too quickly. Before the airport shuttle arrived, I felt one last adventure was in order. I woke up extra early to hop on the very first gondola ride at 7:45 a.m. to take advantage of the First Tracks program, ahead of the public opening at 8:30 a.m. (offered free by the hotel). From the gondola, I could take in the breathtaking views before me – the snow-covered treetops and the sun rising – it was definitely worth waking up for.  

Early Ride Program

Once at the top, I became even more in awe of the panorama. With the Village of Mont-Tremblant far below, a vast landscape of dense forests filled with evergreens and shimmering ice-covered lakes took over. I couldn’t help but feel the vibrant energy of the mountain, as skiers and snowboarders buzzed by in a flurry of excitement. With time in mind, I pulled myself away from the moment to descend from the peak. As the gondola slowly rolled down, the vibrant colours of the Village stood out against the whitewashed backdrop.

On the way to the airport, I reflected on our time in Mont-Tremblant, and how fun winter can be if you decide to embrace it. The variety of outdoor activities Mont-Tremblant offers will make anyone a winter convert. From snowshoeing along winding trails, the excitement of dog sledding, to relaxing in serene outdoor spas, there’s more than enough to make you want to venture into the great outdoors as the temperatures dip.

Breathe in that fresh mountain air and enjoy a winter weekend getaway in Mont-Tremblant.