Up and Coming Villeray

Although small in size, Villeray is steadily growing in the north-central part of Montréal. Whether you’re looking for activities (with or without kids), cozy restaurants and cafés or open-air markets, Villeray has something to offer everyone.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, here are a few places to visit.

Jean-Talon Market

7070 Henri Julien Ave., Montréal, marchespublics-mtl.com

There’s no better way to start in Villeray than with this open-air culinary market. Open year long, here you’ll find the fresh and colourful produce, pastries, meats and cheeses from some of the finest producers. Take a gastronomic tour of Jean-Talon market where it turns into a crowded, lively gathering of locals on weekends. While you’re there, make sure to check out their great food stalls equipped to feed the emptiest of stomachs. Grab a bite there or take it to go, either way, you’re sure to enjoy this local favourite.

Inside Marché Jean-Talon

Fresh produce at Marché Jean-Talon

Fresh fruits and vegetables at Marché Jean-Talon

Jarry Park

Considered to be one of Montréal’s most beautiful parks, Jarry Park offers a variety of activities such as skateboarding, volleyball, soccer and baseball. It’s also known for its local-favoured jogging route.

In the summer, the public swimming pool is open to all ages and during the winter months, the pool is turned into a skating rink. If you’re visiting in the summer or fall, find a peaceful spot on one of the picnic tables or sit by the lake and enjoy a scenic picnic.

Fountain at Jarry Park

Jarry Park, Montreal

Le Berri Café

426 Rue Faillon E, Montréal, facebook.com/leberricafe

If there’s one thing you should know about Villeray, there’s no shortage of coffee shops in this neighbourhood. While most venues serve great coffee, Berri Café stands out as a favourite among locals. Power couple and coffee shop owners, Danielle and Jacques, take pride in serving delicious homemade organic meals and go out of their way to make their customers feel right at home.

Outside of Café berri

Cup of coffee at Café Berri

Café Berri

Tapéo Restaurant

511 Rue Villeray, Montréal, restotapeo.com

Located in the heart of Villeray, this tapas-style restaurant is a must-try. It’s understandable why it is considered one the most popular hotspots for Spanish tapas (if not the best). Tapéo offers a winning combination of food, wine, service, and ambiance. The entire menu consists of delectable and beautifully presented dishes to share. The highly-recommended dishes are the beef tartare, vine tomatoes, garlic shrimps and veal flank. These dishes are best shared with friends or family, so make sure to visit with at least a plus one if you want to try as many different dishes as possible.

On the menu at Tapeo

Decor inside Tapeo

Plate sharing at Tapeo

Miss Villeray

220 Rue Villeray, Montréal, missvilleray.com

Since 1960, Miss Villeray has been known for being one of Villeray’s most renowned bars. Looking for a place to catch the hockey game or a beer? Miss Villeray is the place where locals and visitors alike visit.

Grab a drink at Miss Villeray

Inside Miss Villeray