Tips and Tricks When Travelling On A Budget

One of the main hurdles preventing people from travelling is money. However, the world can be your oyster with a few savvy money-saving tricks.


Choose off-season travel dates

Unless you have work or family restrictions, avoid travelling during school breaks and other popular periods such as Christmastime. Off-season travel means lower prices for flights, accommodations and activities. Plus, there’s the added perk of fewer people at the airport and your destination.


Take your time when packing

Avoid packing in a rush, as you might end up forgetting essential items (gadgets, toiletries or weather-appropriate clothing) and have to buy them upon arrival. You may also end up overpacking and wind up paying excess baggage fees at the airport.

Budget Travel Pack Carefully

Plan in advance

Budget travel demands more planning than regular trips. Before you head off, map out your days and research what you want to see and do. Not only will this give you an estimate of how much money you will be spending each day, but you’ll also be able to get deals on pre-booked tickets for attractions and transportation.


Stay with locals  

Can’t afford an expensive hotel? No problem. Staying in a less-central area can help with hotel costs. Or, renting an apartment or spare room via home-sharing platforms keeps lodging costs down, and they often come with the added bonus of access to a kitchen where you can prepare your own cost-friendly meals.

Budget Travel Stay With Locals


Do ‘bleisure’

If you travel for business frequently, adding a few vacation days after your professional trip will save you from paying for flights, transportation and any other expenses your company will cover. For that perfect balance of leisure and business, read our 7 Bleisure Travel Tips.


Seek out free things to do

There’s no need for that pricey bus tour or museum entrance fee. Equip yourself with a map of your destination and explore the main sights by yourself on foot, popping into art galleries, libraries and other free places along the way. Many cities also organize free walking tours with experienced guides (tips for guides are appreciated).


Avoid tourist traps

Whether it’s a restaurant or hotel, any place near a major attraction is going to cost up to twice as much as spots in lesser-known areas. Eating at a neighbourhood restaurant offers a more authentic cultural and culinary experience than dining on over-priced – and often mediocre – food, surrounded by tourists.

Budget Travel Avoid Tourist Traps


Don’t forget travel insurance

Lost passport? Emergency medical situation? Paying a few extra dollars for travel insurance before your trip can save you a lot of money later.


Take public transportation

Ditch the taxi and hop on a bus, tram, subway, train or ferry on your way to and from the airport, and around town. It’s the best way to see more for less, and offers invaluable insight into local life.

Budget Travel Take Public Transportation