The Best Podcasts To Download For The Plane

From working on a computer to scrolling through Instagram, our eyes are constantly staring at screens.  Popping on a podcast while flying is one of the only times you can close your eyes, listen, and give your retinas a well-deserved break.  

Before your next trip, read through our roundup of the best podcasts to download for your flight.   


  1. S-Town – The follow-up to This American Life’s highly addictive podcast Serial,  is a fascinating character study into one man’s mysterious life in small-town Alabama.  

S-Town Podcast


2.  Criminal – After you’ve binge-listened to Serial and S-Town, each episode of Criminal breaks down a true crime story from varying perspectives.

Criminal Podcast


3. Stuff You Should Know – This award-winning podcast answers questions about common things we probably should know (but usually don’t) like: “How does ketchup work?”

Stuff You Should Know Podcast


4. Magic Lessons – Through personal insights and conversations with guest experts, each episode of this hit podcast by bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert will inspire and jolt your creativity.

Magic Lessons Podcast


5. Death, Sex, & Money – Reporter and host Anna Sale talks about the three big issues that affect us all.

Death, Sex & Money Podcast


6. CBC Radio’s As It Happens – While potentially not “the hippest” podcast around, there is something grounding about an hour of news and interviews from our home and native land.

CBC Radio


7. This American Life – The veteran of all podcasts!  This American Life tells the extraordinary stories of ordinary people in the most compelling form of narrative journalism.

This American Life Podcast


8. WTF with Marc Maron – From his garage in LA, comedian Marc Maron hilariously interviews celebrities.

WTF Podcast


9. NPR’s Making Oprah – This six-episode podcast sucks you in as it discusses how Oprah became a cultural phenomenon, as well as the changing media landscape.   

Making Oprah Podcast


10. The Tim Ferriss Show – Host Tim Ferriss interviews and breaks down the routines and lives of successful people in business, art, and politics, while extracting tips and tactics that will motivate you to do the same.

The Tim Ferriss Show