Plane Etiquette: In The Air

You’ve remembered your photo ID, your phone, your wallet … but did you remember your plane manners? To make everyone’s trip take off smoothly, we’ve rounded up a few good tips to keep in mind while in the air.  


Keep those eyes from wandering

So you forgot to bring a book with you, but that doesn’t mean you should read your neighbour’s. Going way, way, way over your neighbour can be bad for your neck, and you may not agree on when it’s time to turn the page. So awkward.  


Silence is golden

If you are playing music or a movie on your device, make sure your headphones are fully plugged in so others are not listening to your ‘95 Dance Hits.  And remember, Porter requires you to remove your headphones or earbuds prior to departure and landing.


Up. Down. Sit. Don’t repeat

Think ahead to what you’ll need from the overhead bin. The whole up, down, sit, up, down, sit again can get a little annoying to your neighbour. Especially if you’re in the window seat. If you do need to get up to grab something, remember to close the overhead bins quietly so you don’t startle those around you.


Not so fast on the recline

Yes, those early morning flights can be a little tough and you may want to catch a few zzz’s before the plane takes off but not so fast. Only after departure are you allowed to slowly recline your chair and snooze.


Keep an extra eye on your little one

As cute as they are, sometimes out of sheer excitement, children may tend to kick, bump or yank the seat in front of them. This is not so cute for the person sitting in front who is feeling every little kick. Kindly keep an eye out for your child and ensure they are sitting back in their chair.

We recommend bringing a few books, games and snacks to keep your little one occupied. For more tips when travelling with children, visit


Take care when getting up

When getting up, avoid grabbing the seat in front of you. This is unpleasant for the person sitting in that seat you’re holding onto.


Don’t be a Chatty Cathy

If you pass a friendly comment over to your neighbour and you get a minimal answer, take this as a hint. This may be quiet time for them, so please do not disturb. 


Stay in your space

Sometimes, your items may have a mind of their own and wander over to your neighbour’s area beside you. If you have a jacket on your lap or a bag by your feet, be mindful of your items spilling over.


Use your “indoor voice”

Travelling with a group of friends is fun. But keep in mind; not everyone on the plane needs to hear about the wicked, awesome, super fun things you have planned. Be mindful of your voices as you chat amongst yourselves. There may be a few who are sleeping, trying to read, or just relaxing.


Leave it up to the professionals

If you feel another passenger is seriously breaching plane etiquette, kindly ask a flight attendant to handle the situation rather than on your own. You’d be surprised how charming the flight crew can be in some situations.

Stay tuned for part two of this plane etiquette series, when in the air. In the meantime, read through our first plane etiquette series: When Boarding an Airplane.