Plane Etiquette 101

Part 1 of 3 Series: When boarding an airplane

Boarding your flight seems pretty straightforward, simply join the queue, have your passport and boarding pass checked, then head onto the plane to find your seat.

But if you’re not sure whether or not your boarding etiquette is irritating your fellow flyers, here are a few “unwritten rules” when it comes to boarding your flight.

Avoid hovering

As much as the customer service representatives love your company, hovering around the desk hoping to be the first in line for that boarding call can be a bit too much. Relax and have a seat in the lounge while you wait for your zone to be called.

Patience is a virtue

Wait for families travelling with children and those who need assistance to board the plane first.

Get ready to flash your pass

Have your passport open to your photo along with your boarding pass. This helps the flow of boarding move smoothly and gets everyone on the plane faster.

Don’t be shy, say hi

When boarding the plane, it’s nice to greet your flight attendant and pilot with a friendly hello.


Keep your bag front and low

Carry your bag in front of you and low to the ground when you’re finding your seat. Holding it up to your sides might knock those seated in the head, arms and shoulders…oops!

Don’t be an overhead hog

Use the overhead space where you’re sitting. In a mad panic, there are times when some will stow their bag at the first available overhead bin. Taking the storage space of others is just poor plane etiquette and can delay departure as others search for additional storage.

Have a seat

Find the seat you are assigned, then sit back and relax so the plane can depart on time.

Let us know what other tips you have for plane etiquette 101 and stay tuned for the second part in this series.