Parc Omega, Montréal

At Parc Omega, everyone has the opportunity to get up close and very personal with Canadian wildlife. Just an hour and a half drive from Montréal, this park is the perfect day trip if you’re looking for some outdoor adventure.

Caribou at Parc Omega in Montreal

When we arrived, we were given a map and informed that most of the park is car-friendly. There are also a few sections where you can get out of your car to walk around.

The park proudly displays its First Nations heritage, with stunningly intricate hand carved totem poles peppered throughout the trails. Delve into the rich history of the land and learn more about the animals by tuning into the park’s radio station while you drive.

Our first stop on the map was a quaint and cozy cabin called the Park House. Walking up to it, wind howling in the trees – we were relieved to enter a warm and homey world. The sounds of country fiddles piping in the air filled our ears and majestic antler chandeliers hanging from the commanding log ceiling were a feast for our eyes.

Inside Parc House Cabin at Park Omega, Montreal

Before we started our adventure, we indulged in some poutine, Montréal’s signature dish, and grabbed a few bags of carrots to feed the animals.

Bison and tiny lodge at Parc Omega, Montreal

Close up of a deer at Parc Omega, Montreal

Driving up to the park we were greeted by a pack of very eager deer, ready to chow down on our carrots. Within minutes, our car windows were filled with giant heads sniffing around and licking our hands. This was the first of many encounters with a variety of overly friendly animals.

Close up of wildlife at Parc Omega, Montreal

As we carried on, we came face to face with bison, boars, moose, caribou, ibex and more. Personally, I loved hand feeding the caribou. I’ve never seen such gigantic creatures in such close proximity. They were so tame and friendly, they even let us pat their noses – they were just in it for the carrots.

Feeding the deer at Parc Omega, Montreal

The arctic fox was another animal I really enjoyed watching. We could see them hopping through the snow and posing for the cars driving by.

Even on the driving trail, we were able to leave our cars and hand feed some of the deer and caribou. Intimidating at first, these creatures were incredibly harmless and fun to interact with.

Close up of a caribou at Parc Omega

Although most of the animals were interactive, some animals like the bison and wolves, were not. We enjoyed watching them from a safe distance in our car.

As it turns out, Parc Omega was an unforgettable experience. Having the opportunity to see Canadian wildlife up close and spending an entire day outside in the fresh air was the highlight of our visit. Whether you’re visiting with family or friends, Parc Omega is truly a perfect fit for all who love animals and the outdoors. To learn more about Parc Omega, visit

Parc Omega, Montreal QC