Pack Like A Pro: Inflight Essentials

Who better to ask for advice on inflight necessities than some of our own experienced fliers? Our cabin crew shares the items they keep handy while flying as passengers.

A Light Scarf

“No matter the weather at your destination, a light scarf can be a lifesaver. Feeling chilly? Unfold your scarf to make a blanket. Forgot a bathing suit cover up? Tie it around your waist and make a sarong. Last-minute picnic at the park? Your scarf is your picnic blanket. Taking an inflight nap? Bunch up your pashmina for a pillow.”

Jodi, Flight Attendant

A Good Book

“Nothing beats a good old-fashioned paperback book.”

Elton, Purser

Plane Clothes, Toothbrush & Hair Brush

“It’s always nice to bring extra “plane clothes.” I like having big socks and an extra sweater handy to keep me comfortable. I also bring a toothbrush and hair brush, and for longer flights, face mist and/or body mist (under 100ml) to feel instantly refreshed once arriving at my destination.”

Clarissa, Purser

Portable Charger

“Everything is electronic these days, from your flight reservation, to your hotel confirmation, and everything in between. The last thing you want to do is sidle up against a wall to get that 5% charge in order to pull up your boarding pass.”

Chenessa, Flight Attendant

Cough Drops & Eye Mask

“Two essential items I can never travel without: cough drops (Ricola Honey Drops) to soothe a dry throat, and an eye mask for sleeping!”

Nicole, Flight Attendant

Lint Roller

“A lint roller! When travelling for business or pleasure, looking good is key – keep a small lint roller in your bag to freshen up your clothes.”

Dallas, Flight Attendant