Old School Revival In Ottawa’s Hintonburg

Not far beyond the old stone hallways of Parliament Hill lies a quaint neighbourhood full of old school sentimentality. Too bad it’s missing from many lists of things to do in Ottawa because Hintonburg has redefined itself over the last decade into a thriving community full of local shops built on a dedication to craftsmanship, quality and personableness.

These are a few among many that top the list of things to do in Hintonburg.


Little Victories

1111A Wellington Street West, lvcoffee.ca

This unassuming coffee roaster launched its flagship café in Hintonburg in February, nestling itself into the entrance of Cyclelogik bike shop. Co-owners Jeremie Thompson and Andy Bassett have created a space where coffee is treated less like a cup of joe from your local Central Perk and is instead more reminiscent of an afternoon tasting at a boutique wine shop.

Their passion for coffee becomes evident as they generously pour on about the complex aromas of the beans they roast. Andy describes their Ethiopian Birbirsa blend as tea-like with hints of orange and honeydew, while maintaining the bold flavour and depth of the strong black coffee you’re looking for. With a Q grader certification in his back pocket, Andy can give you a detailed tasting note on any of their coffees and the best way to brew them.

Little Victories


Viens Avec Moi

1338 Wellington Street West, viensavecmoi.ca

Co-owners Renee Morra and Sophie Beaudoin are the quintessential gal pals who’ve spent over a decade side-by-side in the fashion industry, opening up their own boutique five years ago.  The idyllic home that houses their shop is as much a part of their brand as the pieces they sell.  The creaky wood floors and antique accents add a je-ne-sais-quoi to the shop motif. A turn around the corner and up the stairs will lead you to a grouping of other one-room shops selling Preloved Ottawa’s vintage clothing, locally made soy candles from FRSH and Pollen Nation’s succulents potted in antique silver bowls.

Viens avec moi


The Gray Whale

1098A Somerset Street West, graywhale.ca

The Gray Whale, one of Hintonburg’s newest barbershop revivals, comes complete with a Wellington piano and staff sporting vintage cuts. The only thing missing from this classic picture of a 1920s barber shop is the smell of pipe tobacco. Beyond the strong aesthetic, co-owners Gray Winchell and Zach Ledgerwood have spent the last year building a team of talented barbers who consistently deliver bold cuts. Their Instagram page is teeming with photographs of prohibition era undercuts and combovers.

On top of a visit to these spots, try your hands at a pottery class, one of many monthly events in Hintonburg. If Capital-Pop Up is hosting a movie night nearby, stop by Tennessy Willems for an old fashioned stone fired pizza to go and catch a screening of a vintage classic like the Wizard of Oz or The Princess Bride to end a perfect old school day in the capital.

The Gray Whale