Montréal’s Secret Bars: Our Three Hidden Gems

Montréal speakeasies are a modern echo of the 1920s American Prohibition, when alcohol was the centre of attention. Today, underground bars are a common theme in la belle province. Where the saying “the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest” still rings true, these are our top three hidden bars in Montréal:

‘Big in Japan’ bar

4175 St Laurent Blvd

Somewhere on St-Laurent a grey door goes completely unnoticed. If you find it, open it and enter into a scene straight out of Sophia Coppolla’s cinematic classic Lost in Translation. Servers in tuxedos will lead you through a corridor protected by heavy velvet curtains into a main room glowing with candlelight. Once inside, let yourself be lulled by Edith Piaf’s songs playing in the background as the scenery transports you back to a time when the liqueurs were drunken and our hearts were prohibited.

Big in Japan

Big in Japan

photo cred: Big In Japan

Atwater Cocktail Club

512 Atwater Ave,

In an alleyway of the former industrial district St-Henri, behind a door bearing a drawn Statue of Liberty, is a local hidden treasure. Complete with padded pink armchairs, colourful cocktails and a cozy atmosphere, the Atwater Cocktail Club, ACC (as it’s known), is the ideal place to discover creative drinks by mixologists.

Cocktails at Atwater Cocktail Club

photo cred: Atwater Cocktail Club

Cloakroom Bar

2175 Rue de la Montagne #100;
This British-inspired barber and bar is situated on Rue de la Montagne, behind a hidden wall next to a suit shop. Don’t let the old building fool you, after passing through a corridor filled with portraits of gentlemen, you’ll emerge in one of Montréal’s hottest cocktail bars. Cloakroom doesn’t have a menu, so simply tell them what kind of flavours you enjoy, and watch in awe as they create your perfect cocktail.



photo cred: Cloakroom Bar