Key Things To Experience In St. John’s Newfoundland

By Michael Macaulay

St. John’s is one of Canada’s special cities – a mix of history, new inventiveness and genuine hospitality. Dive into what the city’s streets and pathways have to offer you. Day or night, you’ll be engaged with lots to do and enjoy.  Here are some key suggestions for you:

Signal Hill

Get the lay of the land from up on high. Signal Hill has been a guide point for over 250 years and still delivers the best view of St. John’s, its harbour and the Atlantic Ocean. Sunny, misty, or windy, the trails around Signal Hill show you the beauty of the land. And in the summer, you can get kitted up in a historic uniform and even fire a musket. 

Scenic lookout spot overlooking the ocean. A red uniformed soldier standing beside a cannon.

Bannerman Brewing Company

90 Duckworth Street

Stop in here on your way down from Signal Hill – it’s right ahead of you as you come down the road. This is a cafe, as well as a pub, so all of your culinary needs will be taken care of. Tasty baked goods and marvellous beers tempt you, and the bright open space is welcoming too if you want to sit down and catch up on a few emails. 

Interior shot of brewery with long wooden communal tables and hanging lights with a cheese biscuit on a plate

Christina Parker Gallery

50 Water Street

This is one of the best commercial art galleries in St. John’s, with an impressive list of local and national artists. You can find works that represent the East Coast in evocative ways, or in creative waves of imagination. And yes – it’s always free to walk in and have a look around. 

The Newfoundland Chocolate Company

166 Duckworth Street

Such fun to have local sayings on tasty chocolate treats! The NL Sayings line of chocolate bars are good to eat right on the spot, or to take home for friends (if there are any left over!). As the bar says, “Loves it”.

Rows of green, pink and white chocolate bar packages

Wander around

Wander around town to find your favourite brightly coloured houses, and favourite pops of street colour. From Jellybean Row to the house right next door to the cafe, you’ll find bright bits all around downtown. The street murals and flowers planted in the (free!) parking meters offer plenty more to enjoy.