Keeping Up With New York

By Michael Macaulay

There’s always something new to explore in the Big Apple, and re-explore in fresh ways. The city changes so fast, you’ve got to run to catch up. And yet, some classics remain. So here are some suggestions to help you keep up. 


11 West 53rd Street;  

The Museum of Modern Art has re-opened after spending $400 million and closing for 4 months. It’s newer & bigger & better. There’s a fresh look at the entire collection, so you’ll see new art along with some old friends. There’s over 165,000 square feet of gallery, giving you a lot of room to move around and enjoy each piece. Don’t forget to exit through the gift shop!

Marilyn Monroe face painting

The End of History

548 1/2 Hudson Street;  

The End of History is the beginning of temptation for mid-century ceramics and glass. The quality of the merchandise is remarkable, and the quantity is daunting – there is a LOT to look at. Designers and magazines rely on this store for beautiful pieces, ready to make your home look sophisticated and international. 

The Meadow

523 Hudson Street;  

Half the store is chocolate, and the other half is salt. It’s tough to choose which side you’re on, so maybe you can choose both! Shelves & shelves of hand-made chocolate bars from around the globe, match shelves & shelves of smoked, infused and generally gorgeous salts. The staff will help you select the perfect gift, maybe for yourself?


There are 3 locations to keep you going, each with its own menu and specialties. Grab a (huge) sandwich on the Upper East Side, sit down for updated American dishes on the Upper West Side, or get New York loud in their classic coffee shop on Broadway. Trying to choose just one thing on the menu? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Viand store front entrance and tile pattern

Take it to the streets

The energy on the streets of Manhattan is infectious, whether it’s an uptown crowd rushing to lunch, or a downtown crowd hitting a sale on black clothing. New Yorkers thrive on being larger than life. Ensure your visit to the city gives you plenty of time to walk between destinations – the real show might be the characters you see on the streets.

Mannequin heads with multicoloured toques and Mickey Mouse and Minny Mouse in Time Square at night