Spotlight Post: Janik Robichaud

Having recently started to tackle a photography career full-time, Janik Robichaud is one of Moncton’s brightest young creatives. We sat down with Janik for a Q&A on finding inspiration in New Brunswick and her favourite places to shoot.

We know you’re a photographer, but tell us more about yourself.  

Well, I grew in Dieppe, New Brunswick, and still call the province home, now living in Moncton. I went to school for marketing and worked in the field for a few years, but just recently found my niche in photography and videography and have now made it my career.

I’ve really found a niche in my community because I approach creativity in a different way. My style is pretty unique in the area, and a lot of the younger generation that lives here look to me when hiring a photographer, whether it’s for a wedding or their small business. With my background in marketing and branding, I can use my photography to help tell a story.

What about New Brunswick inspires you creatively?

Whenever I’m shooting, whether it’s at home in New Brunswick or out-of-province, I try to take the simplicity of the location and turn it into something bigger. When I’m home, I find beauty in the natural world, like a wildflower field  or wheat fields near a farm. It’s about taking a simple concept or backdrop and turning it into something magical and unexpected.

New Brunswick has some pretty epic sunsets. Where’s the best place to shoot at golden hour?

I find a lot of places through Instagram, just by looking up locations close-by or hashtags associated with New Brunswick (#exploreNB for example). For sunsets, I love to shoot at the beach in Shediac or in the long grass meadows – you get the best light streaming through and there is plenty of room to play with.

What’s your go-to place in Moncton for a bite and a drink?

I’d have to say my favourite is Tide and Boar, a gastropub located on Main St. – it has a great vibe! Especially on a summer day when the patio is open and you have their amazing sangria off the seasonal menu. It’s also a great place to sit at night with all the stringed lights overhead.  

What are you doing when you’re not out shooting or working?

In the summer months, I spend a lot of time at my cottage – I love boating, wakeboarding, and bonfires. I also like to get out and travel whenever I can, exploring new areas both on the east coast and overseas. But of course, I always bring my camera.

Do you have any must-visit spots for visitors to New Brunswick?

The Hopewell Rocks just outside of Moncton are really beautiful and are on the way to Fundy National Park. Shediac is also a great beach destination. All of those spots are surrounded by water, so they’re perfect getaways and less than an hour drive from Moncton.

And finally, the most important question – where’s the best place to grab a lobster roll?

Definitely Chez Leo! It’s in Shediac as well (of course). It‘s only open in the summer, but it’s the place that everyone looks forward to hitting up.