Indulge In The Best Brunch In Ottawa

There is a special magic to an indulgent morning, one with time to slow down and savour a second cup of coffee, a couple of poached eggs, or a pastry. It’s these simple pleasures that add an element of bliss to the day ahead, so we’re sharing a list of our favourite spots to enjoy brunch on your next trip to Canada’s capital city, Ottawa.

428 Preston St.;

In the heart of Little Italy, this bistro offers a Sunday brunch to soothe the soul. Their menu satisfies all appetites, with dishes like charcoal-grilled steak and eggs, or berries and coconut cream topped with shaved coconut and mint. The avocado toast with poached eggs, grilled tomatoes and spicy aioli is a popular choice. Don’t miss out on their Jimador Café, an espresso and vodka-based cocktail that evokes the richness of the most savoury truffle in your favourite box of chocolates.

10 Daly Ave.;

For a serene elegance, both on the plate and in atmosphere, Jackson’s brunch features modern and minimalistic plates that don’t skimp on flavour. From Ricotta Hotcakes to a brunch twist on a Salad Nicoise, enjoy the delicateness of the plates and the art surrounding you. With a newly-opened rooftop terrace, take a second coffee to go and see the city from a new vantage point.

Corner Peach
802 Somerset St. W;

For those who aren’t self-professed brunch lovers, this anti-brunch spot will win over your heart. Owners Caroline and Emma opened this bistro as a casual fine-dining space and have morphed it into a café by day, with small bites and coffees filling their menu. The house-made sourdough and pies are divine, and come second only to their Portuguese egg tarts, boasting velvety custard encompassed by a flakey crust. While their restaurant focuses on the evening menu, midday features like tartines with seasonal ingredients and sourdough sandwiches are not to be missed.