How To Travel With A Suit

By Annick Weber

Images by Cait Cuthbert

Whether travelling for business or a special event, a wrinkle-free suit is as essential as your flight ticket. To help you arrive looking your best, we’ve put together a guide to how to pack and transport your suit without wrinkling it. 

Before you start packing:

The right suit

There are fabrics that are more likely to wrinkle than others. Light fabrics such as linen crease very easily, so it’s best to go for heavier options like wool or cashmere – and as creases tend to be less noticeable on darker fabrics, navy, grey or black should be your go-to colours. 

The right suitcase

Though most suits come in a travel-friendly garment bag, it’s advisable to transport your smart clothing folded up in a suitcase. When checking a bag, make sure to opt for a hard-sided suitcase as soft-sided ones risk to get crushed under the weight of other passengers’ luggage, which makes for extra wrinkles. 

The packing stage:

Folding or rolling? 

Whichever option you choose, turn your trousers and jacket (minus the sleeves) inside out as this protects the fabric and instead exposes the lining to creasing. If opting for the folding technique, the rule is, the fewer folds the better. Trousers are folded in half with the legs arranged in line with the creases; jackets are folded in half vertically with the shoulders meeting. Rolling works well for thicker suit trousers but should be avoided for jackets as it can harm the shoulders. 

Trouser pants with arrows showing how to fold.

Organize your bag 

Trousers go at the bottom of the bag, jackets go at the top. Try not to pack your suitcase too full as this increases your garments’ proneness to wrinkle. Packing cubes are great little helpers for keeping your bag organized and preventing items from shifting along the journey. Pack Hacker is a great guide that delves more into choosing the right packing cubes.

A suitcase and a stack of trousers, a shirt, and jacket in order they are packed in.

Don’t pack it, wear it 

For shorter flights you can simply wear the suit, but remember to take off your jacket and lay it across your lap when seated. Plus make sure to be extra careful when having a drink or snack on the plane – you wouldn’t want to arrive with a tomato juice stain on your dress-to-impress outfit.

At the destination:

Get rid of wrinkles 

Hang up your suit as soon as you get to your destination. Most hotels will have an iron and ironing board, but to be safe, you can bring a travel steamer. Wrinkle releaser sprays do a great job on smaller creases. 

A hotel 'Do not disturb' doorknob sign with a iron.

Lastly, there’s always the good old steam shower method, which involves hanging the garments up inside the bathroom when you take a hot shower. Don’t forget to carefully pack your suit again for your return journey to avoid coming home with a crumpled-up outfit. 

Bathtub with a hot shower steaming a hanging shirt.

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