How To Make The Most Of Your Next Business Trip

Travelling for work can mean long days, busy schedules, and little down time. But a few simple tricks make the experience less hectic and all the more rewarding. Here are some ways to get more out of your next business trip—and to find time for leisure in between.  

Before your flight

Pick convenient flight times

If you’re travelling for an early morning meeting, fly out the evening before to get a good sleep before the big day. Try to give yourself at least one full day in your destination so your work routine will be least disturbed. 

Pack light

The less you bring, the more time you save during and after your trip. Plan your outfits for each day to avoid packing unnecessary items and only check bags if necessary. If your work requires you to take materials or equipment, see if it’s possible to ship them to the meeting location in advance.  

Be work-ready 

Make sure your laptop and phone batteries are fully charged before you set off, so you don’t risk missing out on precious work or entertainment time before and during your flight. Use the airport Wi-Fi to download any documents you need before boarding the plane. 

During the flight

Work (and take a break too) 

Time spent onboard lends itself well to getting some work done. But don’t forget to give yourself a bit of downtime by listening to a podcast or reading a magazine (a copy of re:porter, our in-flight magazine, can be found in all seat pockets). If you’re travelling with a colleague, ensuring you’re seated next to each other is a great way to go through meeting schedules and presentations together. 

At the destination

Be picky about accommodation

Choose a hotel with strong Wi-Fi connection and meeting facilities. If your meeting is taking place externally, pick accommodation that’s close by to make things go smoothly. 

Explore your destination

Allow yourself time to relax and enjoy the destination too—after all, you are travelling! Get up a little earlier to go for a run or walk around the neighbourhood. In the evening, try to dine out and eat locally instead of ordering room service.