How To Be An Eco-Conscious Traveller

Planning a trip with the environment in mind can be a challenging task. But don’t let it stop you from exploring the world – with our list of green travel tips you can minimise your impact on the planet and maximise your guilt-free adventures.   


Pack light

The lighter the plane, the less fuel it burns and the less carbon emissions it produces. Pack only what you need – not taking that extra pair of shoes or family-sized bottle of shampoo will save you carrying too much luggage and help the planet too.

Pack light


Use electronic tickets

Reduce paper waste by downloading your boarding passes to your mobile phone. Plane tickets, hotel bookings and other reservations are easier to find if kept digitally in one place.

Use electronic tickets


Get around like the locals

Rather than relying on private taxis or rental cars, choose to travel around your destination by public transit. Taking a bus, tram, subway, train or rented bike, even, is cheaper, eco-friendlier and much more adventurous than being by yourself in a car.

Bike everwhere


Be a responsible guest

Treat your hotel as if it was your home. Within your own four walls you wouldn’t waste towels or unnecessarily leave the lights and air-conditioning on, so remember to do the same in your hotel room.


Choose local

Whether it’s deciding where to dine, what to drink or what to bring back as a souvenir, always try to consume as local as possible. Locally-grown and -made doesn’t only taste and feel better, it also helps cutting down on travel time and emissions from producer to consumer.  


Reduce waste

Not all places have the means to recycle, so it’s best to dispose of any unnecessary toiletry packaging or clothing tags before you leave for your trip. Cotton tote bags make a great alternative to plastic bags when it comes to packing shoes.


Bring your own bottle

Avoid buying plastic water bottles by carrying a reusable bottle filled with safe-to-drink water. If tap water can’t be drunk in your destination, ask your hotel if they offer filtered water for guests. Coffee drinkers should consider bringing a reusable coffee cup too.

Bring a reusable water bottle


Do the right things

Volunteering groups such as organised beach clean-ups are an excellent way to give something back to the planet. Make sure to choose activities with minimal impact on the environment, ditching bus tours and speedboat rides for bike and canoe trips.


Don’t forget your own home

Before you go, get your house trip-ready by turning off and unplugging any electronic appliances that use energy on standby, including televisions, computers and modems. Green travel is not alone about what you do in your destination, it’s a lifestyle that can equally inspire you in your home.