Fun Facts About Porter

With all of those years in the air and on the ground, we’ve gathered quite a number of statistics. Read through for some of our most impressive fun facts.


 1. Over 12 million cookies have been consumed to-date. That’s about the weight of 50 well-fed elephants!

Cookies to elephants


2. The number of proposals on our planes? Lots. And lots of couples have met on our planes too. There must be something in the air.


3. 19, 806, 443 passengers have travelled with us to-date. That’s enough people to fill 368 Yankee Stadiums! Goooo team!

4. The most unexpected item found on our planes? Dentures. If they’re yours, come and get them – we don’t want you going hungry!

5. We’ve flown a total of 166, 081, 587 miles. If our planes could fly to outer space, that would be a total of 695 trips to the moon and back!


6. We have an average of 115, 570 landings and takeoffs per year.

7. And finally, the number of cheeky mascots to-date? One!

Mr. Porter