“La crème de la crème”: Four Great Coffee Shops in Montréal

“Third wave coffee” has flourished since the mass-markets of Starbucks first stunned our lips. In short, it means a new enthusiasm for every step of the creation process; the roasting of the beans to the finished cup of coffee, each requiring special attention. In recent years, independent cafés in Montréal have been following this trend. Here’s our list of cafés that are attracting smiles and patronage amongst Montréal’s discerning coffee lovers.

The reference: Café Saint-Henri

3632 Notre-Dame St W.; sainthenri.ca

Café St-Henri is the benchmark of coffee in Montréal, thanks to the art and skill of its owner, Jean-François. This place is more than a coffee shop; they roast their own beans, give introduction courses on coffee tasting, and provide full training on the intricate universe of the new black gold. If you’re looking for freshness, harmonious mixes, and an inspiring place to work from your laptop, this is the place to be.

Cafe Saint Henri


The most Instagrammable: Tommy Café

200 Notre-Dame St W.; tommymontreal.com

At the corner of St-François-Xavier and Notre-Dame West in the old city, there is the former British Empire Building, built in 1874. Today, this place no longer interests investors and bankers, but instead foodies, coffee lovers and those seeking really good pastries. Tommy steals the show on Instagram; it’s probably the most-visited coffee shop in Montréal by influencers. The impressive windows, the high ceilings, and its imposing moldings give a lot of character and elegance to a building steeped in history.

Tommy Cafe

Tommy Cafe


A local favourite: Paquebot Bélanger

2110 Rue Bélanger; paquebot.ca

 The owners wanted to give a unique experience by offering consumers a new way to enjoy great coffee. It is the first café in Montréal to serve cold brew in draught form, served right from barrels. You can also enjoy perfectly-designed lattes or even mocktails made from their own personal brew.


The humble coffee shop: Café Myriade

1000 Sainte Catherine St. W.;  cafemyriade.com/wp/

With one of its locations in the basement of the magnificent Club Monaco boutique on Ste-Catherine Street, Café Myriade radiates in the noble architecture of this great building in the heart of downtown Montréal. A bookstore nearby allows coffee lovers to escape for a moment between stories while sipping a steamy beverage.

This Independent coffee shop does not like the label “third wave” (perhaps cliché to some); they just like to say that they put the consumer first.

Cafe Myriade

Cafe Myriade