16 Business Travel Tips

How to make business travel easier

Got a business trip coming up? Whether you’re making a first impression or it’s business as usual in another city, it’s always best to be prepared. Here are a few tricks of the trade to help you handle your business travel like a boss.


The wrinkle dilemma

It’s inevitable, clothes wrinkle no matter how perfectly you try to fold them. Here are a few ways to minimize creasing your business attire.

– Pack your shirts in dry cleaner bags, take them out once you arrive at your hotel, hang them in the washroom and turn the hot shower on. This acts like a steam room and will help air out the creases.

– Invest in a small travel steamer to air out those wrinkles.

– Fold your jacket inside out and wrap it around cotton fabrics such as T-shirts or pj’s. Wrapping it around softer items means it will bend and wrinkle less.

– If you’re packing an extra belt, use it to keep your shirt collar crisp by rolling it inside the collar.

– Invest in a wrinkle-free suit.

Wrinkle Dilemma


Charge your devices

The night before your trip, it’s best to charge all of your electronic devices. This will give you that extra peace of mind as you’re travelling.

Charge your device


Find that common ground

Look up the news or pick up a local paper in the city where your meeting is taking place. This helps you keep up-to-date on current events and can make for some great side conversation.  


How to pack for a business trip

It usually takes one to two tries before you can feel confident about what you’re packing. Try removing a few items of clothes after you’ve packed, this will let you shed any unnecessary items you probably won’t wear.

When packing for your next business trip, try keeping this rule of thumb in mind:

What to pack for a business trip for men: It’s recommended you pack no more than two suits per trip. You can always mix and match your shirts and ties for an interchangeable look.

What to pack for a business trip for women: pack a maximum of two blazers with a matching pair of trousers or skirt. Choose neutral tones rather than busy patterns.


Choose your colour theme

Packing light contributes to the colour theme of your clothing. Opt for darker colours, such as dark blue or black and pack colour-complementary shirts, blouses or accessories to mix and match. Remember, choosing a dark shade keeps you looking professional and hides stains.

Choose a colour theme


Your go-to stash

Keeping a baggy of security-approved liquids will reduce your packing time. Rather than packing and unpacking your toiletries, keep your travel-size toiletries all together in a clear plastic bag and have them ready for your next trip. Learn more about TSA-approved liquids


Always bring a backup

Your backup charger is your backup plan. From last-minute calls to answering emails, it won’t serve you any good if you can’t get to an outlet to charge your device. It’s best to bring a fully-charged backup battery that is compatible with your device.

Bring a backup battery


Plan your exit strategy

By selecting your seat in advance, you can choose to be at the front of the plane so you’re the first one off. This saves you precious time as you’re running to catch your next business meeting.


Check your flight in advance

There are certain times of the year when the weather can affect the arrival and departure of your flight more than usual. Check your flight status before leaving for the airport. If there is a delay, you can give your client plenty of notice that you are running a bit behind.


Double points!

Always take advantage of your airlines’ reward programs. When you fly Porter, remember to add your VIPorter number when you’re booking or checking in for your flight. All those points earned can get you some pretty great perks. Not a member? Sign up to start earning!


Consider Global Entry / NEXUS

Avoid longer customs and security lines at Canadian and American airports. Get in and out faster with Global Entry / NEXUS government programs. It’s a small fee to pay for a faster and easier travelling experience.


Ready, set, go-bag!

If you’re a frequent traveller and all too often you find yourself forgetting those travel necessities, have a go-bag that’s semi-packed so you’re prepared for your next trip. You can pre-pack items such as your toothbrush, approved liquids, socks, underwear, gym clothes and over-the-counter medications.


Technology is here to help

There are countless travel apps that will help you stay organized and make travelling a lot easier.

Apps like Tripit will create your entire itinerary for you with a quick send of your confirmation emails (e.g., flight itinerary, dinner reservations, check-in time).

Expensify is great for scanning receipts, capturing expenses with a single screenshot and monitoring your mileage.

Another useful and easy app (if you’re an iPhone user) is your Apple Wallet. Simply store your credit cards, VIPorter membership and boarding pass in your Apple Wallet to have on hand with you at all times. Of course, there’s an app for everything these days so find one that works best for you and your device!


Business or leisure?

How about both! Bleisure is a growing trend among business travellers. Not sure what it is? It’s when a business traveller tacks on a vacation day or two at the end or beginning of their business trip. Another popular form of bleisure travel is bringing your partner or children on the trip with you. This bleisure boom has been a growing success since many have found it reduces stress and increases productivity.

Bleasure travel


Work it out at the gym

Almost every hotel catering to business travellers offers a gym or swimming pool to keep your fitness routine in shape. And since you’ve already included your gym clothes in your pre-packed bag, hitting the gym in the morning or after a long, stressful day will do you and the body some good.


Pack your patience

Remember to always pack your patience. There are times when the security lines are longer and the crowds are a bit larger at the airport. Remember to take a deep breath and relax.

Pack your patience