Best Things About Travelling Solo

If you’ve been putting off a trip just because you’re waiting for a friend to accompany you, it might be time to rethink your travel habits and venture out alone. Concerned about feeling lonely or bored? Don’t worry, you’re in for an enriching, life-changing experience – take a read of our reasons why going solo is worth it.


You can do what you want

If travel is freedom, then solo travel is the ultimate freedom. Going on a trip with friends or family often means compromising on what you would choose to do. If it’s just you, you can go where you’ve always dreamed of, at a budget that works for you. A spontaneous change of plans or timing? There’s nothing in the way from making it a reality.  

Do what you want

You experience more

When you’re visiting a new place with a group, it’s easy to rely on the social safety net. Solo travel forces you out of your shell and to live life fuller – there are no distractions, no familiar faces to chat to or find comfort in. You’re more likely to immerse yourself in your destination, its culture and its people, chatting to locals and soaking up the moment.

Experience more

You meet more people

The biggest fear of many first-time solo travellers is the feeling of loneliness. However, most seasoned adventurers find that you’re never alone when on the road, unless you choose to be. Wherever you go, there’s an unspoken bond within the community of solo travellers, offering support and company, and creating a stepping stone to new friendships.  


You are more engaged

Being alone often means keeping busier. When travelling with a friend, idleness is tempting; as a solo adventurer, you’re less likely to laze away a week on the beach. Instead, you’ll be looking for activities to partake in, such as walking tours, local cooking classes and volunteer groups.

more engaged

You can boost your self-confidence

No matter how careful a trip has been planned, there are always unforeseen events and hiccups that demand dealing with. Solo travellers are forced to learn how to get by on their own, which gives an immense feeling of independence and empowerment. With each trip, you will become a little stronger and more confident in your everyday life.



You can catch up on me-time

Solo trips allow for more self-reflection, giving travellers the opportunity and time to reconnect with themselves. If your normal day-to-day is too busy to work your way through that book you’ve always wanted to read, now is the opportunity to do it – plus it will give you a distraction to keep occupied during solo dinners and long journeys.



You will want to do it all over again

For most people, a successful first solo trip is enough to catch the travel bug, inspiring them to see more of the world by themselves and for themselves.  

Do it all over again