7 Airplane Etiquette Rules for Flying

Good manners make the world go around, or in this case, your flight go smoother. We’ve continued our Plane Etiquette saga with more good manners to fly with. Here are 7 airplane etiquette rules for flying.


Enjoy responsibly

Yes, some flights offer alcoholic beverages (in Porter’s case, complimentary wine and beer), but because of pressurization in the cabin, your alcohol tolerance may be affected. Even though vacation mode begins as soon as you board your flight, it’s best to think of it as an interlude before the party begins. Please enjoy your in-flight alcoholic beverages responsibly.


You vs. the drink cart

In many instances, passengers have inevitably been knocked, nicked or hit by drink carts. To avoid this from happening to you, think of the rules you are given before stepping on to your favourite roller coaster: keep your hands, feet, arms and head in your seating area at all times.

Be careful of the drink cart

Feet belong in shoes

Feet need breathing room sometimes, but please keep your shoes on at all times. Some people are sensitive to smells or to feet in general. And, it’s not just for the other passengers’ consideration, but for your own safety too.


The armrest dilemma

Whether you’re on your laptop or reading a newspaper, sometimes those elbows like to “creep over” onto someone else’s space. If it just so happens someone is in the middle seat beside you, allow your neighbour to have the middle armrest as you lean against the other. (If you’re flying Porter, you can completely disregard this and enjoy the freedom of hogging your own armrest – no middle seat politics to worry about.)

Share the armrests!

Traffic jams in the aisle

This might require a little planning ahead when getting up to use the washroom or to stretch your legs. Avoid congestion in the aisle as much as possible and try to get up either before or after the inflight beverages and snacks have been served.

If you just can’t wait and find yourself behind the cart, keep a few steps behind the flight attendants so you’re not following too closely.  


Don't follow too closely

Splish splash

There might be some slight turbulence in the cabin.To avoid wearing whatever you’re drinking, use the table tray drink lip to place your beverage down safely.  


You could be a tripping hazard

Stretching your legs or arms down the aisle may feel great but your limbs can quickly become a tripping hazard for others. Look before you stretch so you don’t clothes-line fellow passengers walking down the aisle.

Don't be a tripping hazard, keep your arms and legs inside the seating area


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