7 Bleisure Travel Tips

Who said business trips can’t be fun? Whether you’re travelling for a conference, big pitch or corporate training, it’s always good to squeeze the most out of your time away from home.  We’re here to help you make the most of your next working holiday with seven sure-fire ways to create the perfect ‘bleisure’ experience.


The more company the merrier

What better way to spend  down time of your trip than in good company? If you can’t bring anyone with you, make sure you call up friends or acquaintances in the city you’re visiting ahead of time,  so you’re guaranteed a drinking buddy or local tour guide when you’re done with work for the day. Don’t know anyone in town? Ask for recommendations from business partners or hotel staff. Sporting events and music venues are great to check-out when you’re on your own; we promise you won’t be stuck awkwardly looking at your phone all night.  

More The Merrier



From business suit to swimsuit

Remember to pack with all aspects of your trip in mind. As you throw those business shoes into your bag, a pair of flip-flops shouldn’t be far behind. Clothes that can pass as both business and casual wear will maximize space in your luggage so you can do a little shopping while you’re away.   

Packing Tips

Pro tip: Always pack a swimsuit, even if you’re not near the beach. It doesn’t take up much room, and you’ll be happy to have it if your hotel has a pool.


Hotspot homework

Hit the ground running by doing some pre-travel research. Plan out your free time with a list of spots you’d like to explore so you won’t miss a beat. This will make the most out of your downtime and keep your leisure priorities in check.

Spot your favourite hot spots along the way


Friday-to-sunday fun

Weekends are a great way to squeeze a couple of extra days out of your excursion. Depending on the date of your business responsibilities, adding in the Friday to Sunday before or after the trip for leisure will allow you to trek around your destination to take in some weekend wonders.


Relish the finer things

With company-covered expenses such as flights and hotel costs, you’ll reach your destination with some extra change in your pocket. By putting these savings into your leisure activities, you’ll get the most out of the trip without having to spend more than you would for a regular vacation. So, no need to stop after the third course of your meal; indulge guilt-free and order dessert!

The Finer Things In Life

Time leisure to your liking

Try planning your leisurely outings in a way that will help you hit a homerun at work. Some like to plan their fun before their business responsibilities to reduce stress, while others prefer to unwind after work with worry-free leisure time. Deciding which option works best for you will keep you sharp for the boss and loose for leisure.


Focus on your favourites

Of course, not every business trip destination will be up your leisure alley. Focus bleisure travel on your own definition of fun-filled favourites. For example, if you’re a history buff, try putting your bleisure focus on a trip to Washington, DC to explore the Smithsonian or fly to Boston and discover the city’s past while wandering the Freedom Trail.