6 Spots To Cool Down In Ottawa

Whether you prefer the creamy texture of gelato, silky soft serve, or fruity and refreshing popsicles, one of the best ways to celebrate the long-awaited (and short) months of summer is with a scoop of local ice cream. Check out the best cool and tasty treats Ottawa has to offer below!


Stella Luna Gelato Café

1103 Bank St.; slgelato.com

Taste any of the handcrafted gelatos found at Stella Luna, and you’ll immediately understand why this European-style gelateria is the recipient of so many awards. Rated as one of the top five desserts in Ontario, rumour has it that their spicy chocolate flavour is labour-inducing. So whether you’re looking to kick-start your labour or tame your sweet tooth, their extensive and creative menu of artisan gelatos is sure to please!

Stella Luna Gelato


Mantovani 1946

87 Murray St.; mantovaniicecreamfranchise.com

Using the finest ingredients, including handpicked pistachios sent all the way from Mount Etna in Italy, this family-owned shop is the place to go if you’re looking for an authentic Italian experience (and it’s the only one in North America). If you’re lucky enough to be there while their award-winning flavour, “The Kingdom of The Two Sicilies,” is available, it’s worth a try; it normally sells out in less than 30 minutes.



Moo Shu

477 Bank St.;mooshuicecream.com

Inspired by east Asian flavours, Moo Shu’s handcrafted Philadelphia-style ice cream is not your average scoop. Using only local ingredients and fresh Ontario dairy, you’ll enjoy a variety of creative flavours like Lime Leaf + Fresh Mint (tastes like a real mojito) and Hong Kong Milk Tea, served in cups, handmade cones or bubble waffles (only on Wednesdays), this is the spot to visit for an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

Moo Shu



Quelque Chose Macaron Boutique

379 Richmond Rd.; 70 George St.; 274 Montréal Rd.; quelque-chose.ca

This charming shop excels at giving soft serve a fun spin without leaving their passion for macaron-making. A creamy soft-serve with a side of melt-in-your-mouth macaron is the perfect option when you can’t decide whether you want a frozen treat or a French pastry.  

Quelque Chose Smores Sundae



Sweet Jesus

97 Clarence St.; sweetjesus4life.com

Sweet Jesus is another ice cream chain producing soft serve like no other and it’s totally worth waiting in line for. Whether you prefer a traditional twist or a more extravagant creation, they are the perfect summer pick-me-up to beat the heat!

Sweet Jesus



Playa del Popsical

809 Bank St.; facebook.com/popsiclebeach

Off the street and at the end of an alleyway is Playa del Popsical, an adorable truck nestled in this laid-back space surrounded by sand, lounge chairs and a boardwalk. Even if you’re not coming for a refreshing artisanal fruit popsicle, the whole space is worth visiting just for the relaxed atmosphere.

Playa Del Popsical

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