11 Travel Tips For Flying With An Infant

Whether it’s a trip to grandma’s or your family’s first vacation, travelling with your infant isn’t always easy. We’re sharing a few tips to help you prepare well, pack well and travel well for your upcoming flight so it’s better flying for you and baby.  

From takeoff to landing, read through these 11 travel tips.


Before you leave

Pack some inflight entertainment. Bringing a few of your infant’s favourite toys is a great way to occupy their time. When choosing what to bring, try avoiding too-small toys that could easily get lost in a seat-back pocket or that could roll down the length of the plane.


Get creative with their toys. When travelling with toddlers, individually wrapping their toys or snacks can keep them focused on the surprise element of trying to unwrap what’s inside. This can keep them occupied if you feel they’re getting a bit restless during the flight.

Another tip, bringing a roll of masking tape makes a compact and incredible time filler. Tear off little pieces of tape and let your toddler stick them to the tray in front of them. (and they’re easy to remove after!)


Organize your diaper bag. Ensure you have everything you need ahead of time for the flight and pack a few extras just in case. It’s always best to run through a checklist before you leave, so you know you’ve got everything.

In short, here’s a quick checklist of some of the things you should pack in your carry-on:

  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Snacks
  • Breast milk, formula or juice (when travelling with an infant, it’s best to review TSA’s and CATSA’s liquid allowance in advance)
  • Bottles or sippy cups (these are excellent for your little one to suck on to relieve any air pressure during takeoff or landing)
  • Pacifiers
  • Favourite toys (preferably soft since they are easier to pack)
  • Change of clothes – for you and baby
  • Patience

Organize your diaper bag


Schedule nap times during your flight. Put your little one in their jammies and try to settle them down for a nap during the flight. It could be quiet time for you and for them.


Avoid the crowds. If possible, try booking a flight during off-peak times. For example, late mornings or early afternoons are usually less busy.



Before boarding

Get to your gate early. Give yourself some extra time to do a pre-board diaper change, fill up their bottles, etc. If you’re on a shorter flight, changing a diaper before might avoid you having to do it in-flight.


Line up for pre-boarding. Even if you’re a seasoned baby flier, you’ll appreciate the time and space to set up in your row.

Get to your gate early




Introduce yourselves to your neighbours. Baby fans will make themselves known, and maybe they’ll even offer to help you out during the flight, or at least be sympathetic if things get tough.

Say hi to your neighbours


Keep them hydrated. The air in the cabin can become dry, so opt for some water, milk or formula to keep your little one hydrated.


Slowly bring out the entertainment. Gauge how your infant is doing in terms of restlessness. If you feel like they’re beginning to lose interest, bring out one new toy at a time and let them play with it.



Distraction is key. As the plane descends, the pressure in the cabin can cause their ears to pop. This would be the best time to keep them occupied with their favourite toy and perhaps a bottle or a sippy cup.

when landing, give your baby a sippy cup


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