10 Ways To Stay Comfortable On Your Flight

So you’ve got your trip planned and your flight booked. Even if your flight is just a short jaunt, one thing that always seems to go unnoticed until you’re in your seat is your comfort. Believe it or not, keeping comfortable and relaxed on your flight can boost your overall attitude about flying.

To keep your flight an enjoyable one, planning ahead and knowing what to bring can make all the difference when it comes to your travel experience.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few helpful tips to get you off the ground.


Wear comfy clothes

Obvious, we know – but if you want to stay comfortable on your flight, wearing clothing that is breathable and soft (and we’re not suggesting pajamas) will help you sit for a long period of time. Loose fitting attire, cotton shirts, comfy jeans, flats or running shoes are the ideal attire for keeping comfortable.


Keep warm

Bringing extra cozy socks, an extra sweater or your own travelling blanket can help keep you comfortable if the cabin gets cold.  


Block out the noise

Fussy babies, loud snack munchers and distracting conversations can happen. To block it out, bring your headphones. Whether you choose to listen to soothing music, a movie or a podcast, headphones will help make your journey less distracting.  (Please keep in mind that headphones cannot be used during take-off or landing).

Stay hydrated


Stay hydrated

Regardless of how short or long your flight is, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated. Avoid beverages that will make you dehydrated, such as alcohol and coffee. If you do decide to enjoy one of these beverages, always request some water along with these selections.


Keep your skin hydrated

Important as it is to keep your body hydrated, it is essential to keep your skin hydrated. The air quality in the cabin can be dryer, so apply cream to your face, lips and hands when needed (side note: make sure your cream is carry-on friendly, learn more about your liquid allowance)

Air time = me time


Air time = me time

Whether your flight is 3 hours long or a quick 45 minutes, plan the time you have in the air wisely. If you want to catch up on a book you’ve neglected, watch a movie you’ve downloaded, or catch up on some much-needed rest – that time is all yours, so take advantage of it.

pick your seat


Pick your seat

When checking in for your flight, choose the area and seat you’d like to sit in. Whether you prefer a window seat to rest your head against or the aisle to occasionally stretch, choose your seat in advance to get the spot you want.


Keep yourself entertained

Depending on the duration of your flight, having a few things to occupy your time will literally make time fly by. Choose to bring your favourite snacks, catch up on your journal, watch that movie you’ve downloaded, or all of the above!


Don’t forget to stretch

Because of the pressure in the cabin, it’s best to stretch your legs from time to time to keep that blood circulating. If you choose an aisle seat, you can stretch one leg at a time then pivot your feet in small circles. Of course, check to see if anyone is walking through so you don’t trip or hit anyone in the aisle.


Fly with the right frame of mind

Getting into the right mindset before your trip begins will give you a much-improved travel experience. Planning the time you need to arrive at the airport and knowing your itinerary will help keep you focused, prepared, and organized.


These tips are meant to help improve your overall experience when flying. We’d like to hear from you. How do you stay comfortable on flights?