10 Tips For Keeping In Shape When Travelling

Whether you’re on a business trip or taking a vacation with the family, being on the move doesn’t mean your health routine has to be put on the backburner. Pack your running shoes, download the best wellness apps – and it’s ready, steady, go with our list of tips for how to keep fit and healthy when travelling.



Avoid overeating

When sitting inactive for a longer period of time, the digestive system slows down, so it’s best to stay away from heavy foods before and during your flight. Pack a bag of healthy snacks, such as nuts and chopped fruit – both options are high in fiber and will help you feel fuller for longer.

Bring your own snacks


Drink plenty of water

Dehydration is a common condition among airline passengers due to the pressurised cabin environment. Drink eight ounces of water for every hour in the air and moderate your caffeine intake; you’ll get to your destination feeling replenished for the adventure ahead.

Stay Hydrated


Keep moving

Prolonged immobility means that the blood vessels in your legs can be compressed and muscles can become tense. To stay loose, stand up at least once an hour and do a series of simple plane exercises for around four minutes from your seat, such as leg stretches, shoulder rolls, forward bends and ankle circles.


Bring on the layers

Even though you might be headed somewhere hot and sunny, make sure to bring an extra layer and shawl (to double as a blanket) for the flight. Tops with zips or buttons are ideal as they cause less disturbance to your neighbour than having to pull over a sweater.



Arrive feeling and looking fresh by applying face moisturiser onto cleansed, make-up-free skin. Creams with a heavier consistency are most recommended for preventing water evaporation. Wave goodbye to chapped lips with a hydrating lip balm, ideally one packed with calming essential oils.





Hit the hotel gym  

You’ve reached your business or vacation spot in top form, now keep up the good work during your stay. When booking your accommodation, double-check that your hotel has a gym and, if possible, a pool. Working out or swimming some laps in the morning allows you to clear your head, feeling more focused for the day ahead.


Pack comfortable footwear

No matter where you’re off to, be sure to take a pair of trainers. Exploring your destination on foot allows you to come across little-known gems in between the famous sights. Another fun way of getting around is by renting a bicycle; more and more North American cities now have bike-sharing systems for short rides.


Download fitness apps

Pre-breakfast yoga, post-meeting intensity workout? Free apps like Daily Yoga (yoga, pilates, meditation) and Daily Burn (high-intensity cardio, strength training) let users choose from hundreds of guided routines, which can all be done from the comfort of your hotel room. Manduka does an ultralight yoga mat that folds up like a towel.


Find your running route

The Map My Run website and app is ideal for running travellers and travelling runners of all levels. It shows local running routes in countries around the world, mapped by experienced runners in each area. If you want to improve your sprint speed, download Zombies, Run!, an immersive running game where users are chased by zombies.

Find your running route


Guilt-free snacking

To resist the guilty pleasures of the hotel minibar, seek out a health foods store in your neighbourhood and stock up on unsalted nuts, dried fruit and, for more indulgent cravings, dark chocolate. Fresh foods like fat-free yogurt and berries can easily be kept in the minibar fridge.